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Period Welsh Models for SCA Households and the Nomenclature Thereof

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Other Names Incorporating Personal Names

This seems a good place to digress on the subject of personal names appearing in other types of place names. If there is one theme I have discovered throughout this study, it is the continuing and pervasive emphasis on relationships to particular individuals: relationships of family groups and tribes, of retinues, and of landscape features. Thus it is not surprising that all manner of place names incorporate the given name of some person historically associated with them. With the exception of the suffixed forms discussed above, the general structure for such names is <generic term for structure or feature> <personal name>. A translation of the first element of the name follows each example.

(Examples are taken from Richards 1969 and are not guaranteed to be period.)

Bettws Geraint prayer-house
Blaen-pedran headwater
Bod-angharad home
Bryn-siencyn hill
Caer-einion castle
Cantref Selyf cantref
Capel Cadfan chapel
Castell Madog castle
Cefn-meurig ridge
Cerrig-ceinwen stone
Cil-feigan nook, corner
Clawdd-madog ditch
Coed-morgan wood
Cwm-meurig valley
Cynllaith Llywelyn battlefield
Dinas-cadfel fortification
Eglwys Ieuan church
Ffynnon-arthur well
Garth Heilyn enclosure
Gelli-gynan grove
Gwern-hywel swamp
Gwestfa Gruffudd ab Elidir (see above for definiton)
Hafod-gynfor summer-house
Hendre-gradog "old-town"
Llan-aelhaearn church
Llannerch-frochwel clearing, glade
Llech Talhaearn stone
Llwyn Teilo grove
Llys-dinwallon court
Maen-arthur stone
Maenor Cadwgan "manor"
Merthyr Meirion grave (esp. a saint's)
Pen-arthur head, hill
Pennant Melangell head of a stream
Pont-fadog bridge
Porth-einon port
Pwll-meurig pool
Rhandir Gwilym "share-land"
Tir Ifan land
Tre-ddafydd town
Ynys-gynwraidd island
Ysbyty Ifan hospice
Ystrad-gynan valley

The main exceptions to the sort of elements that can appear with personal names are terms associated closely with rivers: aber (estuary), dyffryn (valley), glyn (valley), nan(t) (stream), pant (hollow), rhyd (ford). Even cwm (valley) and blaen (highland or headwater) show very few examples with personal names.

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