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Some Useful Advice

I have a lot of very different material posted on this site. If you write me and ask something like, "Where can I find more information about the stuff on your web site?" I will have no idea what, in particular, you're talking about. If you don't tell me which article you're interested in, I may not be able to help you.

Keep in mind that one major purpose of putting up a web site is because I don't always have time to respond to questions and requests individually. Try to find the information you're looking for on the site itself before asking me. If you send me a question and I don't answer immediately, there may be any number of reasons -- I've been out of town and the mail has piled up; I'm working on a contract under deadine; I'm in the middle of a research binge; the cat needed vacuuming. My top priority (after having fun) is to improve the site as a whole for maximum public benefit. Sometimes the most interesting questions are the ones it takes me the longest to get around to, because they require some serious research. Please try to be understanding.

Sometimes the page that sent you here will include a list of "frequently asked questions I won't/can't answer". Please take this advice seriously but don't take it personally.

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