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This page last modified October 30, 2005

Miscellaneous Things That Don't Fit Elsewhere


Who Am I?

A brief autobiographical essay. You'll find out more just by browsing the site.


If you want to offer me a job, check this out.

A Few Pictures

Nothing even vaguely naughty here. Just an assortment of carefully chosen pix that make me look better than I do in real life.


The Diaries and Letters of Abiel Teple LaForge

My great-great-grandfather led an interesting life. His stint in the Union army during the American Civil War is recorded in detail in the diaries and letters transcribed here. After the war, he became a partner of Rowland H. Macy in a little mercantile venture he'd started up. There he met the woman who became his wife ... as well as becoming an executive in Macy's store. (How I wish she'd kept detailed diaries!) This is a work in progress at the moment as I work through the coding.

Odd Stuff

The Baking for One Diaries

I've been developing a set of baking recipes designed for making one -- just one -- serving of baked goods. The recipes are embedded in a diary discussing the philosophy and progress of the concept.

Dig That Doll!

Dolls dressed in reproductions of archaeological clothing finds.

Ohio Valley Filk Festival 2002 Convention Report

A brief illustrated report on my time as guest of honor at OVFF 2002.

Squibs (i.e., brief discussions of some interesting piece of data)

Gifted With: A brief survey of usage changes

The recent rise of a linguistic construction that seems to grate on some people's nerves.

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