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Dig That Doll!

It all began several years ago when I woman I was (briefly) dating gave me a Christmas present of a "Heather doll" -- a soft-sculpture doll made up to look like me. It was cute. I decided I needed to dress it up in historic costumes. Then I decided I needed more dolls so I didn't have to keep undressing and dressing the Heather doll. So I adapted the original doll pattern to come up with a more convenient "clothes horse" and a new career was born. I fell in love with the idea of creating tiny little horn combs and papyrus scrolls for my dolls.

I have fantasies of spoofing the fashion doll accoutrements even further by presenting "Egtved girl" complete with her own oak tree-trunk coffin to hold her things. It's just downright fun.

Here's what I've done so far:

Bronze Age

Egtved Girl

Trindhøj Man

Ancient Egypt

Woman's wardrobe


Boksten Man

Bishop Timotheus of Nubia

The Holy Roman Emperors




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